Investment Strategy.

TriPost is a basis-driven investment firm targeting capital-deprived market opportunities. The firm focuses on underserviced and inefficient market segments where there is a catalyst for significant capital appreciation which TriPost can effectuate through hands-on operational engagement, tactical equity capital and strategic joint-venture partnerships.

TriPost targets capital-constrained assets, sponsors and markets through acquisitions, joint ventures and sponsor equity investments by leveraging its extensive network of industry relationships and direct market knowledge to generate superior risk-adjusted investment returns for its investors. TriPost seeks opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • Capital-Constrained Assets: Assets in need of equity for leasing and capital expenditures to improve asset performance
  • Capital-Constrained Sponsors: Partnership opportunities alongside sponsors of portfolios or companies in need of fresh equity to strategically grow
  • Recovering Markets: Markets temporarily overlooked by institutional capital that exhibit long-term, positive demand drivers